The Queen meeting the public

The purpose of the Trust is to support projects that will enrich the lives and opportunities of citizens across the Commonwealth in order to provide a lasting legacy for Her Majesty The Queen.

Our Work

Avoidable Blindness

Avoidable Blindness

Eighty per cent of blindness is avoidable. Globally, 39 million people are blind, and 285 million people are visually impaired. The Trust is seizing the opportunity to contribute to the goals set by Vision 2020, a global initiative to end avoidable blindness worldwide, by tackling three major causes of avoidable blindness and developing fellowships, research and technology to strengthen eye care services across the Commonwealth.

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Exceptional Young People

Youth Leadership

Young people make up more than half of the Commonwealth’s population but they are often overlooked. The Trust is working to design a programme that will maximise young people’s leadership potential in every Commonwealth country. Over the next year the Trust will work to design a programme that gives young people the opportunity to shape their own future, and that of their communities.

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A Lasting Tribute
For a Lifetime Of Giving

The Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Trust has been established to honour Her Majesty The Queen for a lifetime of service.

The Trust is open to donations from individuals, groups and organisations - from the UK, the Commonwealth and the wider world.

All donations - large or small - will be much valued, and received with grateful thanks.